Science and Business - key to success

The international conference Science-Technology-Business was organized under the auspices of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies - CEZAMAT on 20th-21st April. The event was attended by representatives of the world's largest research institutes and the presidents of Western companies and investment funds, as well as prominent Polish scientists. Among the speakers there were guests from Germany, France and Switzerland. The guests discussed the possibilities of cooperation in the field of high technologies. The conference was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Economy, as well as RDC and The Polish Science Voice.
During the first session participants learnt about business models and current work being done in the largest scientific and research units in Europe. Speakers: Ehrenfried Zschech from the German Institute for Fraunhoffer; Malgorzata Tkatchenko from the French CEA-TECH, Yoram Reich of the University of Tel Aviv; Carlos Mazure with the French company SOITEC; Joachim Burghartz from the German IMS; Patric Cogez with STMicroelectronics and ENI2 in France.The next session concerned the broad sense of innovation. They were discussed, among others, issues concerning the creation of startups and commercialization of research results. Speakers: Bartosz Grzybowski from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in Korea; Tomas Ciach from Warsaw University of Technology; Jean-Luc Jaffard from  RedBelt SA, Switzerland; Lothar Pfitzner from the German Institute for Fraunhoffer; Przemyslaw Los from the Institute of Industrial Chemistry; Michael Giersig of the Freie Universität Berlin. The first day of the conference ended with series of bilateral meetings between panelists and representatives of Polish science. It was a unique opportunity to hold discussions on the possibility of cooperation in future and joint projects financed from European funds.
During the second day of the event, guests have the opportunity to take part in construction site tour of the Central Laboratory (19 Poleczki, Ursynow) and appreciate the actual scale of the project. Later presentations were delivered by: Helmut Ennen from the ENIAC JU; Emmanuel Dubois from the French IEMN; Anna Piotrowska Institute of Electron Technology; Christophe Gorecki FEMTO-ST from France; Pascal Urard from the French STMicroelectronics; Peter Zeleney from Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US; Wojciech Knap of Charles Colomb Laboratory, CNRS & University of Montpellier in France. The goal of last session entitled Business was to present the activities of companies that achieved worldwide success. A representative of Deloitte noted guests with information on innovation and investment in R & D departments of Polish companies. Polpharma focused on the presentation of its Polish and foreign investments in innovative solutions. The president of the Polish Mint discussed subject of precious metals. IBM presented extraordinary opportunities offered by the Watson system using as the example of applications in medicine. The cognitive technologies are one of the most interesting trend developing in the world. At the end of the session, PREVAC company representative gave the presentation on modern research equipment. After the conference, there was another round of bilateral talks.
The conference was attended by nearly 200 people including representatives of the Embassies of Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain and Israel.

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