SEM imaging

Services offered:

  • Scanning mode imaging (SEM)
  • Transmission mode imaging (STEM)
  • Imaging using IL preparation
  • Cryo-SEM imaging of frozen samples

Based on operator working time, prices are negotiable depending on the type of sample and preparation used.

Within 1 hour 3-4 samples are usually examined in SEM and STEM mode, 2-3 samples using IL preparation. The efficiency of the execution depends on the requirements concerning preparation of the samples, accuracy of their description, desired magnifications, number of picture and number of measurements.

Prices include costs of materials (tables, grids, tapes, etc.) and possible sample preparation by sputtering.

After agreeing on the date, type of specimens and the scope of research, specimens should be delivered to CEZAMAT together with their most detailed description – this will facilitate the research.

Samples for observation in Cryo-SEM mode should be arranged longer in advance (min. 2 weeks).

In order to schedule your research, please contact:

Maciej Trzaskowski, PhD Eng.

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