Development of materials for printing techniques

We offer preparation of materials for printing techniques for dedicated applications. We have the necessary equipment for producing pastes and inks, allowing us to weigh, grind, homogenize, and grind substrates. We have experience in working with nano/micro materials as various nanoforms of carbon: nanotubes, spheres, flakes etc.

We have a paste and ink production line consisting of equipment with the following parameters:

  • ultrasonic baths with capacities of 2-3 l and 6-10 l
  • ultrasonic homogenizer: 750 W, from 250 μl to 1 l
  • planetary mixer: 90 different speed patterns by changing the speed ratio, speed: up to 1430 rpm
  • tri-roller: maximum product grinding to <1μm, capacity from 0.02 to 20 l per hour
  • evaporator: speed range of 5-280 rpm, reversible direction of rotation; heating temperature range: from room temperature to 180 °C
  • mortar grinder: the amount of charge ~10-190 ml with a maximum grain size of 8 mm

Keywords: printing pastes, printing inks, nanoform carbon-based materials, graphene


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