We are pleased to present you space for lease at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technology (CEZAMAT) at the Warsaw University of Technology. CEZAMAT is located at 19 Poleczki Street in Warsaw’s Ursynów district. Its very good transport accessibility – proximity to the airport (about 5–6 minutes and the subway and other public transport – ensures trouble-free access for all interested parties .

The facility consists of two interconnected buildings, one of which, hereinafter referred to as the Technology Building,  houses technology laboratories, and the other, hereinafter referred to as the Administration Building, fulfils administrative, office and conference functions.

In our conference rooms, we can host over 600 participants at the same time. The site also includes a covered parking lot for 180 cars. Both buildings are accessible for people with disabilities.

If you are interested in our spaces please contact to:
Grzegorz Dziedzic
e-mail: grzegorz.dziedzic@pw.edu.pl


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