Conference room

A two-level conference room with an amphitheatre layout. The area of the conference room includes a director’s room and rooms for interpreters. The room is equipped with a sound system and microphones at each seat, headphones for listening to simultaneous interpreters, a power socket (e.g. for a phone charger) and a voting system with a personalised card.

The room is equipped with a laptop, an overhead projector, monitors for the speakers (in the lectern and the rostrum) and an induction loop system for hearing impaired persons. Two permanently mounted cameras and a sound system make it possible to record the events in the conference room and to stream them online. The cameras can be automatically targeted at speakers in discussions.

The main screen is made of 25 LCD monitors, 55″ each, and the presentation system is designed to project 4K-quality materials. The room also has all the necessary connections for media representatives’ equipment, so that press conferences can also be held here.

Moreover, the equipment makes it possible to hold votes with the use of identification cards – in various systems and using vote counting methods. At the back of the room, there are stations for simultaneous interpreters (two booths), which allow conferences to be organised in three languages; if necessary, the system can be expanded to 32 languages. At the back of the conference room, there is a technical conference service stand with a mixing table.

The conference room can accommodate approximately 240 people.

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