The Internet of Things Team


In collaboration with ST Microelectronics, our team developed a distributed monitoring system comprising a self-organizing network of communicating sensors. The modern, ultra-low-cost Internet of Things ecosystem for smart city and smart living was developed. All critical components of the system: wireless network nodes (hardware and firmware), communication server software, and visualization software, have been developed at Cezamat with a special focus on our specialty – ultra-low-power electronic devices. The aim of the team is to start the production of energy-saving integrated circuits, which are based on the results of our research and development work conducted under the PRIME ECSEL EU program.

Based on our solution, an autonomous monitoring system can be customized with functions defined by a selection of sensors (light sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, CO2 sensor, pressure sensor, accelerometer, biosensors, etc.). Applications of the technologies developed by the team are: automation (Home, Office, Building, Large Area, Warehouses), monitoring, occupancy monitoring, Smart Cities, nano-satellite and drone constellations, environmental monitoring, agriculture monitoring (Smart Agriculture) and others.

Ultra-low-power solutions are designed to work with components that acquire distributed ambient energy, such as thermoelectric generators (Peltier modules), allowing them to power sensor network nodes for at least 20 years without battery replacement or other maintenance.

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