Innovation Incubator 4.0


Autonomous system for digital space and investment surveillance using UAVs and mobile docking stations – the scope of responsibility covers the development, construction and testing of control and communication module U2U, U2I providing communication between drones, and between drones and ground station


The subject of this project is the development of a silicon nitride-based integrated photonics platform. Photonic integrated circuits have advantages such as: compact dimensions, low power consumption, high reliability and low production costs for a large volume production. These features are promising in comparison with the parameters of discrete optical devices dominating on the market. The currently used sensors are often bulk, material-consuming, expensive to fabricate, capable of detecting only one type of substance, and have a limited range of operating conditions and limited operating time. The technology we propose addresses all these problems. Sensors based on photonic systems are compact, have small power consumption, can be integrated into multisensors that selectively detect numerous substances with high sensitivity, give predictable indications over a wide range of operating conditions and show a higher reliability comparing to traditional applications. Additionally, the cost of their fabrication in mass production, due to the decrease in the unit price with the increase in the production volume, is economically attractive. The result of the work will be the broadening of design and fabrication competences. Moreover, the design and fabrication of photonic elements, together with the already developed structures, allows the production of photonic integrated circuits with functionalities specified by and for the client.


“Innovation Incubator 4.0” project implemented by the Institute for Applied Research of the Warsaw University of Technology, financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education


Warsaw University of Technology, Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT


Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics

Project value

100 000 PLN

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