The MOEMS Academy – Kick-off meeting!

16 September 2022

We invite you to the information meeting of the MOEMS Academy, which will be held on September 26 at 10.00 at the CEZAMAT Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies.

The MOEMS Academy is the Academy of Microelectronics, Photonics and Microsystems, addressed to all interested students of the last years of studies of the Warsaw University of Technology, in particular students of the Faculties of: Electronics and Information Technology, Physics, Mechatronics, Materials, Electrical, Chemical or Chemical Engineering and Trial – try it, it’s your time!

You don’t have to be an expert in microelectronics today!

As part of the MOEMS Academy, we organize courses at two levels of advancement: basic and advanced (for graduates of the basic course).
Additionally, we provide support from mentors who will help you understand the most difficult issues.

Whether you ultimately want to design, manufacture or characterize integrated circuits (microelectronic, photonic or microsystems), you need to know all these areas. You will get it on the basic course. The advanced course will provide you with valuable and specialized knowledge in your chosen area: manufacturing or modeling and characterization.

Everyone can take part in the kick-off meeting, regardless of whether the decision to participate has been made or not.

Moreover, during the meeting there will be a unique opportunity to visit one of the most modern laboratories where practical classes will take place.
You cannot miss it!

See you on September 26 at 10.00 in CEZAMAT!

*Free entrance

If you are interested in participating in the MOEMS Academy, submit your application now!


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