Tomasz Brożek, Ph.D., gave a lecture at CEZAMAT WUT

29 September 2023

On 25.09.2023, Tomasz Brożek, Ph.D. (PDF Solutions), gave a lecture entitled ‘Silicon microelectronics trends overview’ at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technology CEZAMAT WUT.

During the seminar, the speaker presented trends in the development of contemporary consumer electronics, presented trends and evolution in the semiconductor and nanotechnology industry and discussed forecasts for the use of innovative materials in the production of processors and integrated circuits.

Tomasz Brożek, Ph.D., received his M.Sc. in engineering from Lviv Polytechnic University and then his Ph.D. in physics from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev. He continued his research and professional career at the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of California, Los Angeles. Since 2000, he has been associated with PDF Solutions, where he currently holds the position of Technical Fellow. Brożek has published close to 100 technical papers and conference presentations and holds numerous patents.

PDF Solutions is a US-based company providing engineering and software services. The company specialises in semiconductor-based hardware and intellectual property, as well as software to provide advanced data management to support the manufacturing and testing of integrated circuits and systems on chips used in electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Download presentation: Semi_Trends_Overview_Seminarium_TomaszBrozek_25.09.2023

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