Katarzyna Tokarska PhD Eng.

Research Assistant Professor


A graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of Chemical Technology. In 2019, she obtained a doctoral degree in chemical sciences for the dissertation entitled "Research on polymer nanomaterials as new nanoscale drug delivery systems in photodynamic therapy using Lab on a chip microsystems". From 2019, employed at the Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies "CEZAMAT" as a research worker. She has several years of experience in cell culture, drug toxicity tests, assessment of biological activity of nanomaterials, as well as microfluidics. Three-time winner of the Tony B. Academic Travel Award in 2016, 2018, 2019. Co-author of 17 scientific publications, including 9 from the list of Philadelphia (HI = 6), author of a utility model as well as numerous reports and presentations at recognized national and international conferences. Winner of the team award of the First Degree of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for scientific achievements in 2016-2017 and the team award of the First Degree of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for didactic achievements (2019). Research project manager and contractor of 5 research projects (NCN, NCBiR, IDUB) in the field of medical diagnostics and microfluidic technologies in cellular engineering.

Research areas

  • In-vitro cell cultures
  • Screening of nanomaterials and cytostatics
  • Searching for new anti-cancer strategies
  • Research on the mechanism of action of drugs / nanomaterials on cells
  • Searching for new materials and bio-friendly microfluidic technologies
  • Use of miniature platforms to build advanced cell / tissue models
  • Conducting automated long-term cell / tissue cultures on microchips
  • Study of the biological activity of drugs / new nanomaterials using miniature bioanalytical systems

Selected Publications

  • Małgorzata Wolska-Pietkiewicz, Maria Jędrzejewska, Katarzyna Tokarska, Julia Wielgórska, Michał Chudy, Justyna Grzonka, Janusz Lewiński, Towards bio-safe and easily redispersible bare ZnO quantum dots engineered via organometallic wet-chemical processing, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2022, 140497.
  • Marcin Drozd, Polina Ivanova, Katarzyna Tokarska, Kamil Żukowski, Aleksandra Kramarska, Adam Nowiński, Ewa Kobylska, Mariusz Pietrzak, Zbigniew Brzózka, Elżbieta Malinowska, Versatile and Easily Designable Polyester-Laser Toner Interfaces for Site-Oriented Adsorption of Antibodies, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 23(7), 2022, 3771.
  • Katarzyna Tokarska, Łukasz Lamch, Beata Piechota, Kamil Żukowski, Michał Chudy, Kazimiera Anna Wilk, Zbigniew Brzózka, Co-delivery of IR-768 and daunorubicin using mPEG-b-PLGA micelles for synergistic enhancement of combination therapy of melanoma, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B-Biology, 211, 2020, 1-9.
  • Katarzyna Tokarska, Urszula Bazylińska, Elżbieta Jastrzębska, Michał Chudy, Artur Dybko, Kazimiera A. Wilk, Zbigniew Brzózka, Selective cancer-killing ability of new efficient porphyrin-based nanophotosensitizer in Lab-on-a-chip system, Sensors Actuators B Chem. 282, 2019, 665–674.
  • Małgorzata Wolska-Pietkiewicz, Katarzyna Tokarska, Anna Wojewódzka, Katarzyna Wójcik, Elżbieta Chwojnowska, Justyna Grzonka, Piotr Cywiński, Michał Chudy, Janusz Lewiński, ZnO nanocrystals derived from organometallic approach: Delineating the role of organic ligand shell on physicochemical properties and nano-specific toxicity, Sci Rep 9, 2019, 18071.
  • Michal Chudy, Katarzyna Tokarska, Elżbieta Jastrzębska, Magdalena Bułka, Sławomir Drozdek, Łukasz Lamch, Kazimiera A. Wilk, Z. Brzózka, Lab-on-a-chip systems for photodynamic therapy investigations, Biosens. Bioelectron. 101, 2018, 37–51.
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