CEZAMAT PW at the Granice 2023 Fair

1 September 2023

During the 6th edition of the Eastern Conference and Security Fair Granice 2023, Warsaw University of Technology was represented by CEZAMAT WUT and the Faculty of Physics WUT.

On 29-30.08.2023, the Granice 2023 Fair was held in Depułtycze Królewskie, during which we had the opportunity to present technologies developed by the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT WUT and the Faculty of Physics of the WUT. The event was held at the facilities of the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Chełm – in the buildings of the aviation centre and at the airport in Depułtycze.

The main topics covered by the fair and the conference are border service equipment and devices, modernisation of services, modern border protection technologies, international cooperation in the area of EU border protection, customs and sanitary protection of the borders of the Republic of Poland and contemporary challenges of border protection.

The Granice Fair is an excellent opportunity to present the latest solutions and technologies in the field of border protection. During the fair, in addition to presentations at stands, there were multimedia presentations and demonstrations of equipment in practical settings.

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