Warsaw University of Technology has become a member of the InfraChip Project

1 August 2023

The Centre for Advanced Materials and Technology CEZAMAT, Warsaw University of Technology is the only Polish entity to have been awarded funding under the InfraChip project (HORIZON-INFRA-2023-SERV-01).

The main objective of the Infrachip (European Research Infrastructure on Semiconductor Chips) project is to create the first integrated, distributed research infrastructure for the sustainable development of future generation semiconductor chips.

InfraChip aims to ensure Europe’s ability to innovate at an early and intermediate level of readiness and to realise the digital and environmental transformation of the European Union. These achievements will be possible, with the involvement of an adequate number of experts, expertise, technological infrastructure and investment in state-of-the-art equipment.

Building on existing research infrastructure communities, namely ASCENT+ in nanoelectronics, EMERGE in sustainable flexible electronics and EnABLES in powering the Internet of Things (IoT), the InfraChip initiative will contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies by supporting complex multi- and -transdisciplinary projects for information and communication technologies (ICT).

InfraChip will also develop talent and train skilled personnel through a research accelerator programme and additional hands-on courses to support innovators starting their careers in the semiconductor industry. As a whole, InfraChip will make a significant contribution to increasing research and innovation capacity within the objectives of the European Chip Act.

The team from the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technology CEZAMAT at the Warsaw University of Technology was among an international group of 14 institutions (including, among others, TYNDALL, CNRS, AMO, Silicon Saxony, NCSR Demokritos) that will create a European research infrastructure for the next generation of semiconductor chips (HORIZON-INFRA-2023-SERV-01).

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