Lyophilization – sublimation drying of samples

We provide sample preparation processes for sublimation drying.

Below are the key process parameters:

  • freezing down to -50 °C;
  • fully automatic freeze-drying process, according to programmed temperature requirements;
  • efficiency – up to 2 kg of water per 24 h;
  • possibility to adjust vacuum during the process in the range from 0.002 to 1.65 mBar (values depending on the size of the sample);
  • possibility of freeze-drying directly in glass vessels (width of necks ½” and ¾”) or directly on freeze-dryer shelves;
  • freeze-drying chamber and spiral made of stainless steel, possibility of freeze-drying also from selected organic solvents and their mixtures with water;
  • process report generated at the end of the device cycle.

Keywords: proteins, food, preservation, drying, dehydration

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