Measurements of surface topography of materials – contact profilometry

We have a Bruker DektakXT instrument with three-axis positioning and the ability to test also soft materials. We perform profiles of single measurement lines, automated sequences, as well as 3D visualizations of surface topography. We perform surface topography measurements by contact method to measure coating thickness, roughness, stresses and defects with contact profilometry technology.

Range of functionality:

  • numerically controlled X/Y table, providing 200/200 mm travel with motorized rotation in the range of 0-360⁰;
  • maximum length of a single scan: 55 mm. Possibility to increase the scan
  • length up to 200 mm with profile stitching function;
  • maximum height (thickness) of the sample on the measuring table: 50 mm;
  • 200 mm diameter vacuum table suitable for measuring silicon wafers;
  • microporous vacuum table with dimensions of 150 mm x 150 mm;
  • profilometer is placed on a pneumatic anti-vibration table to reduce measurement noise.


Parameters of the measuring head:

  • probe force from 10-147 µN with the possibility to reduce it down to 0.3 µN for particularly delicate samples or soft materials;
  • vertical measuring range (step height): 1 mm;
  • resolution of measured height from 15 nm in the range of 0-1 mm to 0.1 nm in the range of 0-6.5 µm;
  • measuring needle with a rounding radius of 2 µm;
  • measuring needle with a rounding radius of 12.5μm;
  • optical system that allows viewing the scanning needle during measurement and observation of the sample surface.


Data processing and analysis:

  • calculation of roughness and topology parameters: Ra, Rq, Wa, ASH and many others;
  • ability to filter macro-geometric artefacts: slope, waviness, roundness;
  • automatic degree detection function;
  • ability to automate measurement sequence based on sample markers;
  • ability to make 3D maps of surface topography with transverse stitching resolution up to 1 µm.

Keywords: surface topography, material testing, surface structure, roughness, layer thickness


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